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Roman Signifer Key Chain

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Roman Signifer Key Chain
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Roman Signifer Key chain from Italy.

A wonderful replica of the Roman Signifer, and a great Italian souvenir key chain!

During the siege of Numantia, Scipio Semilianus formed a personal bodyguard of 500 men. These became known as the Praetorian Guard, after the praetorium, the area of the camp where the general's tent was pitched. The Emperor Augustus (27BC-14AD) formed these Praetorians into a special bodyguard for himself and increased their number to about 4500 men.

To distinguish the Signifer from other fighting troops, he wore a dagged mail shirt over a tunic instead of semental armor, and the 'Pompeii' sword on his right side. The signifer was routinely decorated with silvered and gilt bronze plaques and figures, and wore a small round shield on his back.

Quality materials and workmanship, made in Italy.

Free souvenir postcard included with Roman Signifer key chain.

1.5" miniature signifer, 3" key chain.
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