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Denarius of Caesar-Coin

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Denarius of Caesar-Coin
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Pewter Reproduction Ancient Roman Coins.
This pack contains a Denarius of Caesar with an elephant and serpent on the obverse and sacrificial implements publicizing his office as chief priest on the reverse. The coin is made from lead free pewter.

Julius Caesar was one of Rome's greatest generals and statesmen. He became a brilliant military leader, and helped make Rome the center of an empire that stretched across Europe. Caesar's victories in civil war helped him become dictator of the Roman people. His power frightened many of his political opponents and a group of them assassinated him in 44 B.C.

The card has a full color image showing Caesars army fighting on the front and historical information on the back.

Reproduction Ancient Roman Coin:

Properties - Reproduction Denarius of Caesar made of lead-free pewter.

Obverse - Elephant and serpent Reverse - Sacrificial implements.

Diameter - 17mm.


Front Image - Full color image of Caesar's army in battle against a Gallic tribe on a card with a red border.

Reverse - Information about Caesar.

Design - With euro-hook slot and a 32mm hole. A clear blister holds the coin on the card.

Dimensions - 12.5cm High X 6.8cm Wide.

Reproduction Ancient Roman Coins come with Free Postcards.
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