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Ancient Roman Coins Pack

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Ancient Roman Coins Pack
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Replica Ancient Roman Coins Pack.

Roman coins were used to spread news among communities and countries ruled by Rome and usually portrays the ruling Emperor's portrait, occasionally with family members. Much of the information was on the reverse, accompanied by animals or mythological beasts. The animals were used to promote & tempt strength, courage, peace and so on, as requested by the ruling emperor. Buildings, including temples and military, were also depicted on some coins. Each ancient Roman coin is a hand cast double-sided exact reproduction and tells a very unique and fascinating story which gives actual insight to events of the period.

The Invasion of Britain - This pack of ancient Roman coins contains a Denarius of Caesar and a Gold Stater of Catuvellauni. The pack describes how Caesar made two unsuccessful military expeditions to Britain and how the Celtic's resisted. (Measurements when closed 7cm High X 11.5cm Wide) The Invasion of Britain Roman Coins 45-20 B.C.

Ancient Roman Coins pack comes with Free Postcard.

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