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Denarius of Claudius Pewter Coin

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Denarius of Claudius Pewter Coin
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Replica Ancient Roman Coins - Denarius of Claudius Pewter Coin

The reverse of this coin symbolizes the public happiness under Claudius's reign.

Obverse: Bust of Claudius.
Reverse: The goddess of peace, Nemesis, holding a winged staff with two serpents on top forming a figure of eight, called a caduceus. At her feet a snake.

At the assassination of Caligula in January 41 AD, Claudius fled and hid behind on of the curtains in the palace. He was discovered by the Praetorian Guard who declared him emperor. The senate held our against Claudius for two days, before finally accepting him as the emperor too.

3/4" pewter coin, Reproduction Ancient Roman Coins come with Free Postcard.
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