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Italy T-Shirts

Featured Italian Gifts

Featured Italian Gifts

Spaghetti Tomato Basil Cotton ApronSpaghetti Tomato Basil Cotton Apron
Abruzzo Tea TowelAbruzzo Tea Towel
Spanish Steps Wall PlaqueSpanish Steps Wall Plaque
Michelangelo's Creation Mouse PadMichelangelo's Creation Mouse Pad
Colosseum MagnetColosseum Magnet
Spaghetti T-ShirtSpaghetti T-Shirt
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Italian Souvenir T-Shirts

Italian Souvenir T-Shirts

Unique Italian T-Shirts for the Paisano in you!  You don't need to go to Italy to find the best souvenir T-shirts yourself,  friends and family.

With our colorful Italian T-Shirts, you can celebrate your Italian heritage.

Have fun and proudly embrace your passion for Italy!

FREE GOOD LUCK Cornetto Keychain and Souvenir Italy Postcard with Every Order! 

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Beautiful Italy T-ShirtBeautiful Italy T-Shirt
Bella Italia T-ShirtBella Italia T-Shirt
Bella Sicily T-ShirtBella Sicily T-Shirt
Birth of Venus T-ShirtBirth of Venus T-Shirt
Botticelli’s Venus T-ShirtBotticelli’s Venus T-Shirt
Bread and Salami T-ShirtBread and Salami T-Shirt
Calabria T-ShirtCalabria T-Shirt
Cappuccino T-ShirtCappuccino T-Shirt
Cherub Love T-ShirtCherub Love T-Shirt
Chianti T-ShirtChianti T-Shirt
Da Vinci T-ShirtDa Vinci T-Shirt
Drunk Roman Soldier T-ShirtDrunk Roman Soldier T-Shirt
Emperors of Rome T-ShirtEmperors of Rome T-Shirt
Espresso T-ShirtEspresso T-Shirt
First Kiss Cherub T-ShirtFirst Kiss Cherub T-Shirt
Florence, Italy T-ShirtFlorence, Italy T-Shirt
Florence, Italy T-ShirtFlorence, Italy T-Shirt
Forza Inter (Go Inter!) Soccer T-ShirtForza Inter (Go Inter!) Soccer T-Shirt
Forza Juve (Go Juve!) Soccer T-ShirtForza Juve (Go Juve!) Soccer T-Shirt
Forza Lazio (Go Lazio!) Soccer T-ShirtForza Lazio (Go Lazio!) Soccer T-Shirt
Forza Lazio (Go Lazio!) Soccer T-ShirtForza Lazio (Go Lazio!) Soccer T-Shirt
Forza Milan (Go Milan!) Soccer T-ShirtForza Milan (Go Milan!) Soccer T-Shirt
Forza Roma (Go Roma!) Soccer T-ShirtForza Roma (Go Roma!) Soccer T-Shirt
I Love Florence T-ShirtI Love Florence T-Shirt
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